EMRA’s 25 Under 45 Influencers in Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Resident Association


Spark Award: Harvard Innovation Lab
Language for Equity–


Richard C Wuerz, MD Scholarship for Emergency Medicine Research.
Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency
A model for a highly autonomous outcomes based preclinical neurological testing device.


2015 Irving I. Lasky M.D., Memorial Award
Given to the senior medical student who has conducted the most outstanding research during medical school.


Lloyd Greif Center Market Traction Award.
BriskRabbit Physiologic Portable Temperature Monitoring Device. USC Student Innovator Showcase.


Dean’s Research Scholarship: Keck School of Medicine
Worked with William Mack MD on stroke & intracranial hemorrhage clinical translational research at the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute at the Keck School of Medicine. Topics include Emergency stroke routing procedures, murine models of subtle hypoperfusion, healthcare disparities, and radiographic technologies in neurovascular pathologies. Lead studies, researched avenues of potential inquiry. Responsibilities included conception of experimental design, perform the experiments. Analyzed data, and wrote manuscripts.




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