HAEMR seeks to innovate

Digital Academy

Product Development

Understanding digital products and their rapid innovation cycles


how to digital projects find people who contribute to the use of these products?


How digital products stand out and survive in the internet?

Our mission

Creating a generation of doctors proficient with digital methodologies

Our Previous Speakers

Adam Rosh

Rosh Review

Dara Kass

Creator of FIX and Feminem

Kimo Takayesu

Creator of Full Code

Graham Walker

MDCalc.com Founder

Our purpose

Why Digital?

Health & Medicine are rapidly colliding with technology and digital methods and products. Creating doctors who understand how to interact with these technologies is vital for a thriving field fo emergency medicine and the future of healthcare controlled by providers.

How we function

Speaker Series, Workshop Series

The digital academy not only works with residents within HAEMR, we also bring in the best and brightest in the world of medicine and technology to share their wisdom. We learn about their journey, how they innovated and what the future might hold in the intersection of medicine and technology

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