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Flexible Efficient Fitness Routine Results DEXA scan

By October 25, 2019Fitness

Fitness update 1:
Anyways, here’s the data: 6 months (193 days) DEXA (Images here):¬†with body comparisons

I’ve added my BMI and weight data during this time course here:¬† As you can see there are intermittent fluctuations that go pretty well with small bulk/cycles (of no particular time frame, just ate when I felt skinny and ate less when I felt bloated)

Height: 173cm (Approx 5″7.5′)

Total body fat % * 4/13/18:14.2% * 10/24/18:11.5% * Difference: -2.7%

Total Fat * 4/13/18: 20.4 lbs * 10/24/18: 16.8 lbs * Total Fat difference: -3.6 lbs

Lean muscle * 4/13/18: 122.8 lbs * 10/24/18: 129.1 lbs * Total Lean muscle difference: +6.3 lbs

Total body weight * 4/13/18: 149.5 lbs * 10/24/18: 152.3 lbs * Total Body difference: 194 days (6.3 mo): +2.8 lbs

  • Average Gym Check-ins April-October 2017 (Control): 15
  • Average Gym Check-ins April-October 2018(Period of this DEXA) 10.8
  • Difference: -4.5 check-ins per month

Here was my routine:

  • A day: Bench RPT x5, Squat RPT x5, Weighted pulls x5 (1.5 hour)
  • B Day: Deadlift RPT x5, OHP RPT x5, Seal Row RPT x5 (1 hour)
  • Every other day, total max 5 hours per week, min 2.5 hours per week

total protein intake: approx 150g-200g/day no accounting or monitoring of carbs.

Typical Meals

-Popeyes, 8 pack family meal, replace all dark meat with white meat breasts. No sides. Quite healthy.

-I buy a whole rotisserie chicken from a local shop and eat it with hummus , and some baklava to boot (Its like $7 for my entire meal that day)

-Go to Chipotle, order quadruple protein loaded with guac and multiple salsas. Costs about $20-22 but totally worth it and delicious. thats for OMAD days

-I will buy two whole tilapia and slow cook it. Delicious. Costs only about $7 for the day

-I buy 32 oz steak and eat it with some veggies on the side. This is more expensive depending on the cut of meat

-Slow cooked whole chicken with garlic, spice, and black bean. $5-6 for the whole chicken usually with spices

-Eat an entire 80g protein Greek yogurt with nuts, fruit, and dump in about 40 extra grams of whey protein into it. The container of greek yogurt costs about $4-5.

Alcohol: gotten some questions about ETOH, I drink socially and will go out about once per week, with no limits on alcohol use when I do.

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